Paul Eric Kahle (1923-1955)

PAUL ERIC KAHLE (1923-1955) A British Coptologist of German extraction. He was the son of Professor Paul Ernst Kahle, the eminent Orientalist. His family fled to England from Hitler’s Germany in 1938. He held the Laycock Studentship in Egyptology at Worcester College, Oxford, for the years 1948-1954, during which he studied under Battiscombe George Gunn. …

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Rainer, Archduke (1827-1913)

RAINER, ARCHDUKE (1827-1913) An Austrian collector. He was a prince of the House of Hapsburg, being the fourth son of Archduke Rainer, viceroy of Lombardy-Venice and a son of Emperor Leopold II. He assembled a large collection of papyri—hieratic, demotic, Coptic, Greek, and Arabic—originating from a large find at Arsinoë in 1877-1878. The collection was …

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