King Shapur


MANICHAEISM Among the heresies that were spread in Egypt, Manichaeism played a prominent role. This is shown by the discovery of a library of seven volumes in the Asyut dialect of Coptic and of a historical work on Mani written in Greek. This religion spread, in the form of a church, over the entire Mediterranean …

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Martyrs, Coptic

MARTYRS, COPTIC The souls recognized in Egypt who suffered persecution and died for their faith. The majority of martyrs belong to the period of Roman persecutions from the time of Nero in the mid-first century to the time of Diocletian in the early fourth century. It is, of course, impossible to assemble the names of …

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Abraham Persa

ABRAHAM PERSA The Sahidic text published by E. O. Winstedt in The Proceedings of the Society of Biblical Archaeology (1908, with the variants of the two folios: W. E. Crum, 1905, No. 318 and G. Zoega, 1810, No. 222, from a copy by O. von Lemm) is probably part of an encomium. Among other things, …

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