Theology And Liturgy Bibliography

THEOLOGY AND LITURGY BIBLIOGRAPHY Abdallah, Alfonso. L’ordinamento Liturgico di Gabriele V-88 Patriarca Copto. Cairo: Ain Shams Press, 1962. ‘Abd al-Masih Salib al-Mas‘udi. Al-Khuulaji al-Muqaddas. Cairo: n.p., 1902. Alcock, Antony. The Life of Saint Samuel of Kalamun by Isaac the Presbyter. London: Aris & Philips, 1983. Allen, Pauline, and C. Datema. “Leontius presbyter of Constantinople.” Byzantina …

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Coptological Studies

COPTOLOGICAL STUDIES Coptological studies may be divided into several periods. The oldest began in the first Christian centuries, when the Greek alphabet with the additional letters from demotic was used to elevate the spoken Egyptian language into a written language. This made it possible for many Egyptians to read the Old and New Testaments or …

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Marius Jean Joseph Chaîne (1873-1960)

MARIUS JEAN JOSEPH CHAÎNE (1873-1960) A French Coptologist. He was born at Tarascon, Bouches-du-Rhône, and was trained for the priesthood and later became an abbot. He studied under Joseph Halévy at the Ecole pratique des Hautes Etudes. Among his numerous Coptic publications are Compendium morphologiae copticae (Rome, 1910) and Eléments de grammaire dialectale copte (Paris, …

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