Kamil Salih


JOHN XVIII The 107th patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (1769-1796). A monk of the Monastery of Saint Antony (DAYR ANBA ANTUNIYUS) in the Eastern Desert, he was selected by the community of the clergy and the Coptic archons to succeed MARK VII at his death in 1769. His patriarchate proved to be one …

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Ibn Kabar

IBN KABAR (al-Shaykh al-Mu’taman Shams al-Riyasah ibn al-Shaykh al-As‘ad Abu al-Barakat ibn Kabar) Scholar born to a wealthy Coptic family toward the end of the thirteenth century; he lived to the early decades of the fourteenth. His parents’ palatial residence in Old Cairo was frequented by state dignitaries. Ibn Kabar received his early education in …

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