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Coptic Community Council

COPTIC COMMUNITY COUNCIL A council made up of laymen to take part in the administration of community affairs. With the emergence of the Coptic church from its declining circumstances under the successive waves of persecution in the Middle Ages, its reawakening in modern times was associated with various attempts at reform. The first and most …

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CYRIL V The 112th patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (1874-1927). He was born at the village of Tizmant in Bani Suef Province, in 1824, and was known as Hanna al-Nasikh (the calligrapher) because of his beautiful handwriting. At the age of twenty he entered DAYR AL- BARAMUS in Wadi al-Natrun. He was elevated …

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Archives Of Papas

ARCHIVES OF PAPAS Papas, son of Liberius, was pagarch of Apollonos Ano (Idfu) from 703 to 714. The dossier of the correspondence sent to him, consisting of more than 100 Greek and a smaller number of Coptic (but no Arabic) documents, was found in 1921-1922 in a jar west of the southwest pylon of the …

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General Ya‘Qub (1745-1801)

GENERAL YA‘QUB (1745-1801) Financial commissioner, then military leader, a mu‘allim become a general, Ya‘qub died young, and we have little information about his remarkable career. His role is thus debated: collaborator in the French occupation of Egypt, or pioneer of national independence? His contemporary al-Jabarti— who was a member of the diwan that collaborated with …

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Al As‘Ad Abu Al-Faraj Hibat Allah Ibn Al-‘Assal

AL AS‘AD ABU AL-FARAJ HIBAT ALLAH IBN AL-‘ASSAL One of three brothers, members of the same family generally known as AWLAD AL-‘ASSAL, who lived in the thirteenth century, all being notable writers on religious subjects, jurisdiction, canon law, theology, philosophy, and Coptic philology. Al-As‘ad’s full name is Abu al-Faraj Hibat-Allah ibn Abi al-Fadl As‘ad ibn …

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Saint John Kama

SAINT JOHN KAMA (feast day: 25 Kiyahk). The ninth-century John Kama was born in the village of Jebromonnonson in the nome of Sais, in the Delta. This village name has not survived, but it could be identical with Shubra Wasim in the markaz (district) of Kom Hamadah in the modern province of Beheirah. He is …

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kha’il I

KHA’IL I The forty-sixth patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (744-767). Kha’il, or Michael, was a simple monk and presbyter of the Monastery of Saint Macarius (DAYR ANBA MAQAR) in WADI AL-NATRUN. When THEODORUS, his predecessor, died, the congregating bishops together with the clergy of Alexandria and the archons of the Coptic community selected …

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BISHOP A clergyman of the highest order, senior in rank to priests and deacons. The Coptic term (episkopos) and the Arabic (usquf) are derived from the Greek and Latin versions (episkopos, episcopus), which, etymologically, mean “overseer.” Bishops are successors to the apostles, and, from the historical point of view, the episcopate is a continuation of …

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Book Of Epact

BOOK OF EPACT A treatise on the calculation of the date of Easter attributed to DEMETRIUS I, twelfth patriarch of Alexandria (189- 231). We shall examine the attribution in light of the historical, liturgical, and literary Arabic traditions of the Middle Ages. Historical Tradition The historian Sa‘id IBN AL-BITRIQ, Melchite patriarch of Alexandria (933-940), tells …

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