Judas Iscariot

The Justice of God

The Justice of God Justice is a word we hear every day. We use it in personal relationships, in social conventions, with respect to legislation, and to the verdicts rendered in court. As commonplace as the word is, it has perplexed philosophers who seek an adequate definition of it. Sometimes we link or equate justice …

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Contemporary Coptic Art

CONTEMPORARY COPTIC ART The school of contemporary Coptic art was established in Cairo by Isaac Fanous in the 1960s. It reflects the deep roots of ancient Egyptian and Coptic arts combined with the Coptic theology and culture. Icons represent its major production. Wall paintings, mosaics, and stained-glass windows decorate a considerable number of modern Coptic …

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Gospel Of Judas

GOSPEL OF JUDAS Its text is extant in only one manuscript, known as Codex Tchacos, an early fourth-century Coptic papyrus manuscript that surfaced in the 1970s. It is reported that the codex was discovered during an illegal search for treasures in a burial cave near the village of Qarrara north of al-Minya in Middle Egypt. …

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