Athanasius I

ATHANASIUS I The Apostolic Saint, twentieth patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (326-373). Athanasius’ life has been treated in detail by numerous authors. These sources can be categorized as follows: (1) the writings of Athanasius himself, which should be considered the most authentic of the sources. These include his historical tracts, encyclicals, an apology …

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JOVIAN (c. 332-364) The Roman emperor who restored orthodox Christianity to its official status after its deposition by JULIAN THE APOSTATE. Jovian was born in Moesia, Illyria, in the Balkans, to a military officer, Count Varronius. Jovian was an officer in Julian’s army when Julian died fighting the Persians in 363 and the troops hailed …

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Abu Mina

ABU MINA A pilgrimage center in the Libyan desert where the tomb of Saint MENAS THE MIRACLE MAKER was venerated from the fourth century on. It was about 28 miles (46 km) southwest of Alexandria, near Lake Mareotis. The settlement consisted of a civil area and an ecclesiastical area, which included Menas’ tomb, a market, …

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