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ALEXANDRIA (Ἀλεξάνδρια)

ALEXANDRIA (Ἀλεξάνδρια) The city of Alexandria almost realized Alexander the Great’s dream of ‘a city surpassing anything previously existing’ (Plutarch, Alex. xxvi.). Planned by Dinocrates under the king’s supervision, and built on a neck of land two miles wide interposed between the Mediterranean Sea and Lake Mareotis (Mariut), about 14 miles from the Canopic mouth …

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Architectural Elements Of Churches -Index

ARCHITECTURAL ELEMENTS OF CHURCHES -INDEX Aisle Ambulatory Apse Atrium Baptistery Cancelli Ceiling Choir Ciborium Coffer Colonnade Column Crypt Daraj al-haykal Diaconicon Dome Elements Gallery Horseshoe arch Iconostasis Khurus Maqsurah Naos Narthex Nave Niche Pastophorium Pillare Porche Presbytery Prothyrone Prothesise Return aisle Roofe Sacristy Saddleback roof Sanctuary Shaq al-haykal Sacristye Sanctuarye Synthronone Tetraconche Tribelone Triconche Triumphal …

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Canon Of The Scripture

CANON OF THE SCRIPTURE There are two basic uses of the word “canon.” The one refers to the shape of a limited body of literature held sacred by a believing community. The other refers to the function in such a community of texts and traditions held sacred by it. Traditional terms used to designate these …

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APOLOGIST One of a group of Christian writers who presented an apologia, or defense of the Christian faith, to the non-Christian world. In the New Testament, Luke through Acts provides such an apologia. However, in the second century, Christians were accused of various kinds of calumnies, and the Apologists attempted to vindicate Christians of false …

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Josephus Flavius

JOSEPHUS FLAVIUS A famous Jewish historian of his people, who wrote in Greek during the second half of the first century A.D. As he reports in his autobiography, through his father Matthias he was a member of the priestly family of Jehoiarib (cf. 1 Chr. 24:7), which rose to high-priestly rank. Moreover, through his mother …

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KEEP (Arab., jawsaq), multistoried tower with defensive capabilities. It has strong walls and in most cases there is no entrance at ground level. The entrance lies at the second-floor level, and is reached by means of a drawbridge that can easily be taken in or drawn up into the keep when danger threatens. This accounts …

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Khirbat Al-Filusiyyah

KHIRBAT AL-FILUSIYYAH A fortified town at the east end of the Sabkhat al-Bardawil (the ancient Lake Serbonis), with the seat of a bishop from A.D. 359 (Munier, 1943, p. 7). Since it was a harbor town and because of its position close to the most important military and caravan route linking Egypt and Palestine from …

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