Joseph Simon ASSEMANI

Coptological Studies

COPTOLOGICAL STUDIES Coptological studies may be divided into several periods. The oldest began in the first Christian centuries, when the Greek alphabet with the additional letters from demotic was used to elevate the spoken Egyptian language into a written language. This made it possible for many Egyptians to read the Old and New Testaments or …

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Yusuf Al-Qibti

YUSUF AL-QIBTI The seventeenth-century Copt who lived in Rome. About 1624, Yusuf al-Qibti submitted a petition to Pope Urban VIII (1623-1644) to be employed as a scriptor at the Vatican Library and to correct proofs of books printed in Greek and in Arabic (Barberini Greek 280, fol. 29). This shows that Yusuf, who had probably …

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