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John the Baptist

Mark, Saint

MARK, SAINT One of the Twelve Apostles of Christ, traditionally regarded as the author of the Gospel of Mark and the first patriarch of the Coptic church (feast day: 30 Baramudah). The meager historical sources on Saint Mark’s life have given rise to conflicting accounts about his personality and even about his Gospel. Whereas liberal …

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Monastery Of The Metanoia

MONASTERY OF THE METANOIA The Alexandrian Monastery of the Metanoia (Penitence), also called the Monastery of Canopus or of the Tabennesiotes, played a prominent role in the religious history and the administrative life of Byzantine Egypt. One can merely catch a glimpse of this, for sources contain obscurities and contradictions. Origins No archaeological traces of …

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Mark III, Saint

MARK III, SAINT The seventy-third patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (1167-1189) (feast day: 6 Tubah). Mark’s secular name before his investiture in the patriarchate was Abu al-Faraj ibn Abi al-Sa‘d ibn Zar‘ah. He was a layman of Syrian origin, related to the sixty- second patriarch, Abraham. He was a bachelor known to all …

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Monastery Paintings, Coptic

MONASTERY PAINTINGS, COPTIC The Egyptian desert was a nurturing ground for monasteries, some of which have been occupied almost continuously since their founding. Others, abandoned and buried in sand through the centuries, have been uncovered only in recent years. Still, others, mentioned in Arabic texts or in accounts of European travelers, await excavation. Those monasteries …

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NAQADAH Geography Although ample attestation exists to show that Naqadah was the seat of a bishop, it is not known when the city first became a bishopric. The SYNAXARION commemorates a Bishop Michael from Naqadah on 22 Baramhat, but it gives no indication when this bishop lived. The next bishop of Naqadah attested in extant …

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John The Baptist, Saint

JOHN THE BAPTIST, SAINT In the New Testament the forerunner of the Messiah (feast day: 30 Ba’unah). He is called Ioannes ho Baptistes because in Matthew 3:6-11 he prepares for the coming of Christ by administering the baptism of conversion and penance. His origin and mission are described in Luke 1:5-80 as parallel to those …

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