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VICTOR The abbot of the Enaton, listed in the SYNAXARION as the author of two “histories of monks” at 7 Tubah (recension from Upper Egypt) and 14 Tubah (recension from Lower Egypt). He is probably the author of the narratives of monastic history celebrated in the Middle Ages, from which the author(s) of the two …

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John Of Nikiou

JOHN OF NIKIOU A seventh-century bishop of Nikiou in the Prosopite nome, in the southwest Delta—a place already known in the third century B.C. All that we know of his life is contained in the HISTORY OF THE PATRIARCHS. In the History he is present at the death of the patriarch JOHN III of Samannud …

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The Merciful John III

THE MERCIFUL JOHN III A saint and fortieth patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (677-686). John was born at Samannud in Lower Egypt on the Damietta branch of the Nile. He was prepared for his position in the Coptic church by his education in ecclesiastical and secular matters, as well as by his purity …

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Justin II (D. 578)

JUSTIN II (d. 578) Byzantine emperor who lost territory in war and shifted from toleration of MONOPHYSITISM to persecution. Justin was a nephew of the emperor JUSTINIAN and was married to Sophia, the niece of Justinian’s wife, THEODORA I. He held the post of curophlates (palace administrator). When Justinian died in 565 the succession was …

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KHIRBITAH A town located on the western edge of the Egyptian Delta about 3 miles (5 km) southwest of Kom Hamadah in the Beheirah Province. In Greek the town was known as Andropolis. Coptic sources from the pre-Arabic period do not mention Christians or churches in Khirbitah, but the fact that the town was a …

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Coptic Literature

COPTIC LITERATURE National literatures are defined not only by the language in which they are written but also by ethnic and cultural affinities that bind their authors. That is why we may distinguish an American literature in English from British literature or a Latin-American literature in Spanish from Spanish literature. The literature in the Coptic …

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BABYLON The oldest part of the city of Cairo. Babylon is situated on the east bank of the Nile, to some extent on the border between Upper and Lower Egypt. The same spot marks the mouth of a canal, originally cut about 600 B.C., which connected the Nile to the Red Sea. The city was …

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