J. F. Champollion

Mathurin La Croze-Veyssiere (1661-1739)

MATHURIN LA CROZE-VEYSSIERE (1661-1739) A Huguenot historian and linguist. He wrote no less than four dictionaries (Armenian, Coptic, Slav, and Syriac). His correspondence with P. E. Jablonski and David Wilke, Lacroze, Mathurin Veyssière de, Thesauri Epistolici Lacroziana (ed. J. L. Uhlius, 3 vols. Leipzig, 1742-1746), has many references to Coptic. After his death, his manuscripts …

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Dulaurier, Jean Paul Louis François Edouard Leuge (1807-1881)

DULAURIER, JEAN PAUL LOUIS FRANÇOIS EDOUARD LEUGE (1807-1881) A french Orientalist. He was born in Toulouse and studied under Silvestre de Sacy. He published descriptions of the stelae in the Toulouse Museum and various Coptic texts (1833-1835). He visited London in 1838 and copied the manuscript Pistis Sophia, with a view to complete publication of …

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