Correspondence Of Bishops

CORRESPONDENCE OF BISHOPS The inhabitants of Christian Egypt reveal a delight in writing, so far as they were able to write. Many transactions, especially those of legal content, were fixed in written form. Among the papyri and ostraca found in numerous archives and deriving from the antiquities trade, there are letters from bishops to the …

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Audentia Episcopalis

AUDENTIA EPISCOPALIS The adjudication by a bishop of civil matters in dispute (see Codex Jus-tinianus 1.4), as well as of disciplinary matters among the clergy. On the basis of 1 Corinthians 6:1 the Christians—like the Jews—were not to conduct lawsuits before the judges of the pagan state. Disputes were, rather, to be settled within the …

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PENALIZATION As observed in the AUDIENTIA EPISCOPALIS, the bishop can punish in two ways, either by imposing a fine or a flogging, the execution of which falls to the lashane (lictors), or by inflicting an ecclesiastical punishment, which only he himself can lift. On the evidence of the Coptic sources, the ecclesiastical punishments consisted of …

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