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Institut français d’Archéologie orientale

Shams Al-Din (Munisis)

SHAMS AL-DIN (Munisis) A small Romano-Byzantine village a little more than one mile to the north of Bars in the south of the oasis of Khargah and at the fork of the great track heading from Hibis toward the southwest in the direction of Dush and the valley. This village contains a small church with …

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Serge Sauneron (D. 1976)

SERGE SAUNERON (d. 1976) A French Egyptologist. He studied at the Ecole Normale Supérieure and received the doctorat d’etat at the Sorbonne. He was member, librarian, associate director, and finally director of the Institut français d’Archéologie orientale in Cairo from 1969 until the accident that caused his death. Sauneron studied Coptic at the Institut Catholique, …

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Dayr Al-Fakhuri

DAYR AL-FAKHURI History The “Monastery of the Potter” (it is not known whence this appellation comes) is situated on the edge of the desert, about 6 miles (9 km) north of Isna, near the ancient Asphynis (present-day Asfun al-Mata‘nah). The monastery also bears the name of “Matthew the Poor.” This personage, whose Life survives (or …

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