ABSTINENCE Introduction.—The whole of morality on its negative side may be included under Abstinence. Christian moral progress (sanctification) includes a holding fast (κατέχεσθαι) of the good, and an abstaining from (ἀπέχεσθαι) every form of evil (1 Th 5:21f.). While Christianity has general laws to distinguish the good from the bad, yet for each individual Christian …



METADIALECT By common consent, the term “dialect” is used by Coptologists for those idioms whose originality, in relation to one another, is very strongly marked. The basis for judgment is, of course, on the lexical and morphosyntactical levels, but also and above all, using the most convenient and practical criterion, on the phonological level, through …

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Zostrianos (NHC VIII, 1)

ZOSTRIANOS (NHC VIII, 1) A lengthy Sethian Gnostic apocalypse (132 pages of the manuscript) reported in the first person in the name of the prophet, Zostrianos, associated in antiquity with Zarathustra (Zoroaster). The title occurs at the end, to which is added: “Oracles of Truth of Zostrianos, God of truth, Teachings of Zoroaster.” Unfortunately, Codex …

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