Consecration Of Bishop

CONSECRATION OF BISHOP In the event of a bishopric becoming vacant as a result of the death of its bishop or for other reasons, a successor is nominated by the clergy and congregation, and his name is submitted to the patriarch, together with a testimonial called a deed of election. The patriarch refers this testimonial …

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Birth Rites And Customs

BIRTH RITES AND CUSTOMS Birth practices in Egypt are based on ancient, time-honored customs, and although they have tended to disappear among urban dwellers, especially since the twentieth century, they are still maintained as strongly as ever in rural society. An expectant woman receives much attention from those about her, as they seek to satisfy …

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DIOCLETIAN A Roman emperor (full name, Valerius Diocletianus; also called Diocles) from 20 November 284 to May 305. He was born in 245 of humble parents in the province of Dalmatia. He enlisted in the army and gained administrative experience in minor posts in Gaul under Aurelian (270-275), and in 282 became governor of Moesia …

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St. Tekle Haimanot


ABUN The highest spiritual leader of the Ethiopian Orthodox church. The term signifies “our father” and is applied to bishops, archbishops, and patriarchs, as well as to saints who were monks. The office of the abun was filled usually by a Coptic monk elected by his brethren in the monasteries of Egypt and was consecrated …

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