Ibn Abi Usaybi‘ah

Ibrahim Ibn ‘Isa

IBRAHIM IBN ‘ISA A physician who studied under and worked with Yuhanna ibn Masawayh in Baghdad. Ibrahim was, after coming to Egypt, a personal physician to the amir Ahmad ibn Tulun (868-884), whom he used to accompany on his journeys. He remained in the amir’s service and continued to reside in al-Fustat (Old Cairo) until …

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‘Isa Ibn Al-Bitriq

‘ISA IBN AL-BITRIQ A Christian physician of Old Cairo and the brother of Sa‘id IBN AL-BITRIQ the physician, patriarch, and historian, who dedicated to him his historical work Nazm al-Jawhar (Cheikho, 1909, p. 488). ‘Isa ibn al-Bitriq was knowledgeable in all branches of medicine, especially medicaments and treatment. He remained in Old Cairo until his …

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Abu Hulayqah (Rashid Al-Din Abu Al-Wahsh Ibn Al-Faris)

ABU HULAYQAH (Rashid al-Din Abu al-Wahsh ibn al-Faris) Rashid al-Din Abu al-Wahsh ibn al-Faris Abi al-Khayr ibn Abi Sulayman Dawud ibn Abi al-Muna ibn Abi Fana Abu Hulayqah; 1195-1277, physician. He spent his first seven or eight years in Edessa. One day his father introduced him to al-‘Adil (r. 1200-1218) and to his son al-Kamil. …

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