Luxor Temples

LUXOR TEMPLES The temple of Amun in the middle of the modern town is one of the best preserved temples of the New Kingdom. It was erected by Amenophis III (1408-1372 B.C.) in the place of a smaller older sanctuary. About a century later Ramses II, with a somewhat different building-axis, added in front the …

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BASILICA A building type of classical and medieval architecture. The Non-Christian Basilica In ancient Rome the basilica was a covered, mostly rectangular, public building with entrances usually on the long sides (one of the few exceptions is the famous basilica at Pompei). Frequently, and especially in the older buildings, the outer walls are even opened …

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DUSH In the extreme south of the oasis of Khargah, at Dush, the ancient Kysis, the papyrological dossier of the gravediggers reveals the existence in the second half of the third century (between 224 and 306) of one of the most ancient Christian communities of Egypt. This community, headed by the priest Apollo, was to …

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