Satan The figure of Satan is often perceived as a fugitive from a Halloween party. He is portrayed as wearing a silly red suit. He has cloven hoofs, horns, a tail, and carries a trident. Such a figure is a point of ridicule among those who deny biblical Christianity. I once asked a college class …

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Yuhanna Ibn Abi Zakariyya Ibn Sabba‘ (13th-14th C.)

YUHANNA IBN ABI ZAKARIYYA IBN SABBA‘ (13th-14th c.) A Liturgical encyclopedist. Yuhanna ibn Abi Zakariyya ibn Sabba‘ was the author of an encyclopedic compilation in 113 chapters with the rhymed title al-Jawhara al-nafisa fi ‘ulum al-kanisa (The Precious Jewel in the Ecclesiastical Sciences). After a theological, biblical, and apologetic introduction (chapters 1-26), the work concentrates …

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