Magical Objects

MAGICAL OBJECTS In its preventive form, magic was considered in pharaonic Egypt as one of the normal elements of religion. It was a prerogative of divine power and of all who had a share in it. The progressive weakening of the concept of the authentically sacred in the Late Period led also to a degeneration …

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MAGIC The art of pretending to accomplish actions with the help of supernatural forces contrary to the laws of nature. Coptic magic is a particularly rich field for studying the relationships of the ancient Copts with the invisible forces of heaven and hell that were part of the old Egyptian heritage (Lexa, 1925; Brier, 1980). …

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Moses Of Abydos

MOSES OF ABYDOS (feast day: 25 Abib), fifth-sixth-century monk. The SYNAXARION of the Copts and the Synaxarion of the Ethiopians give no information about Moses of Abydos, but only allude to him in the brief commemoration of MACROBIUS, “the son of Abu Musa, head of the monastery of al-Balyana,” for 7 Baramudah. No Arabic manuscript …

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