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Holy Spirit

Jacob Of Saruj

JACOB OF SARUJ (Ya‘qub al-Saruji, 451-521) Monophysite Syrian writer. He was born at Kurtam on the Euphrates and was probably educated at Edessa. He became a priest and served at Hawra in the Saruj district of Mesopotamia. During the time of the Persian domination of parts of Mesopotamia, he rallied the Christian population with his …

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Coptic See Of Jerusalem

COPTIC SEE OF JERUSALEM From the beginning of the Christian era, Egypt and Egyptians have had a privileged status in Jerusalem. In the Acts of the Apostles, it is mentioned that Egyptians were among those who witnessed the descent of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost. It is also mentioned (Acts 6:9) that Alexandrians, with others, …

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DOXOLOGY An acclamation in which glory (Greek, dóxa) is attributed to a particular person or persons. The earliest Christian doxologies are addressed to the Father or to the Son, but with the development of trinitarian theology, they began to express glory to the Father through the Son and Holy Spirit, or through the Son in …

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