Holy God


Atonement The apostle Paul declared that he was determined to know nothing save Christ and Him crucified. This was the apostle’s way of emphasizing the extreme importance of the Cross to Christianity. The doctrine of the Atonement is central to all Christian theology.  Both the Old and New Testaments make it clear that all human …

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TRISAGION “Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal . . . have mercy upon us.” The Trisagion was introduced into the Byzantine liturgy by Proclus of Cyzicus, who succeeded Nestorius as Bishop of Constantinople (431-446 a.d.). However, a papyrus from the fourth century preserved in the collection of the University of Strasbourg includes a Trisagion in …

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Eucharist Bread

EUCHARIST BREAD The Eucharistic bread (called qorban) is baked from white flour and yeast in a round shape. It has in the middle a large cross (symbolizing Christ) surrounded by 12 small crosses symbolizing the 12 Apostles. The Greek inscription “Holy God, Holy Almighty, Holy Eternal” surrounds the circle containing the 12 crosses. The Eucharist …

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