Dayr Al-Matmar

DAYR AL-MATMAR History About 6 miles (9 km) west of Armant, on the stony desert (hajir in Arabic) but at the edge of the cultivated land, is situated a kom (mound) covered with the debris of pottery, fragments of brick, and the like and thus given this name Dayr al-Matmar (the Buried Monastery). It is …

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Hajir Idfu

HAJIR IDFU An important but little-known site lying about 2.5 miles (4 km) west of Idfu. Its importance for Egyptology has already been shown (Gabra, 1977). Moreover, it is not without interest for Coptology. The provenance of many Coptic manuscripts in the British Library, whose colophons bear dates from 981 to 1005, is known to …

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Pisentius, Saint

PISENTIUS, SAINT A seventh-century bishop of Qift who was noted as a preacher, letter writer, administrator, and servant of the poor (feast day: 13 Abib). He is among the most outstanding personalities of the Coptic church. Sources Texts written about Pisentius date from the seventh to the eighteenth centuries. They include three Sahidic Coptic texts …

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FARSHUT A large town situated on the left bank of the Nile after it resumes its course from south to north, having flowed contrary to its custom from east to west between Qina and Hiw. Farshut, written with the feminine article (s) in the Coptic texts, is said to have come from the language of …

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Papyrus Discoveries

PAPYRUS DISCOVERIES The dry climate of Egypt is responsible for the preservation of the many literary memorials of the country, the ostraca as well as the sources written on papyrus, parchment, and (later) paper, which may be subdivided into literary and nonliterary. They were and are found either by chance, mostly by fellahin digging for …

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