CODEX A word originally meaning “block” and used for an assemblage of several wax tablets held together at one side by cords. The resulting arrangement was the model for the form of book in use today. The largest assemblage of this kind so far known contained ten tablets, of which nine are still extant (Berlin …

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Gospel Of Mary

GOSPEL OF MARY An apocryphal Gnostic gospel was originally written in Greek, probably during the second century, A.D. Two pages (John Rylands Library, Manchester, England, Papyrus 463, 21r and 22v; this papyrus, from Oxyrhynchus, was acquired in 1917) of the Greek text survive from the third century. Part of the text is preserved as well …

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Egerton Gospel

EGERTON GOSPEL The most important of the papyrus fragments of apocryphal gospels because of its early date, its extent, and the character of the text; acquired by the British Library in 1934. It consists of two leaves of a papyrus codex together with a small fragment. Both leaves are incomplete, but in many lines, the …

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