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Greek inscriptions

Glass, Coptic

COPTIC GLASS The glass of the Coptic period—third to twelfth centuries—was the heir to a long tradition of glassmaking in Egypt. While Coptic glass exhibited some regional variations, it did not differ substantially from glass in neighboring areas. Glass was manufactured in Egypt from about 1500 B.C.; it reached its acme of beauty in the …

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INSCRIPTIONS Writing on long-lasting materials. Inscriptions, like texts written on papyrus (see PAPYROLOGY), are important primary sources of information about a society. In Egypt they appear on stone, plaster, clay, wood, metal, and textiles. They may be scratched, carved, engraved, stamped, painted or inked, or woven. Those written on clay sherds or limestone fragments are …

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AL-DUWAYR A village south of ASYUT and site of excavations in 1914 carried out by Claudius Labib that brought to light a necropolis of the Ptolemaic and Byzantine period. Several STELAE were found, two of which mention a list similar to those of Saqqara or Bawit, and name the famous triad of these monasteries: Apollo, …

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