Greco-Roman Museum


PHILAE Physical Characteristics The island of Philae, often called the Pearl of Egypt because of its lovely setting, was one of the innumerable granite outcrops that form the First Cataract of the Nile, just south of ASWAN. In late pharaonic times the place became the center of a local cult of Isis, and as her …

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AHNAS (Ihnas al Madinah, Ihnasyah al-Madinah, Byzantine Herakleopolis) Settlement on the site of pharaonic Nn-nswt, Ptolemaic, Roman, and Byzantine Herakleopolis. The Coptic and Arabic names go back to Egyptian Hwt-nn-nswt, Hnn-nswt, the Greek name comes from the identification of Hrj-š.f (Herishef, Greek Harsaphes), the town’s ram-headed local deity, with Heracles (Herishef was also identified with …

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