Bishop’s Consecration

BISHOP’S CONSECRATION This rite includes the imposition of the Gospel, the imposition of the Hand, the ordination prayers, and the concluding ceremonies. The Apostolic Constitutions (written around the end of the fourth century) mention that the ordination precedes the full Eucharistic liturgy in order that the new bishop might preside over the whole of the …

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Stephen The Theban

STEPHEN THE THEBAN A monk. Nothing is known about Stephen the Theban other than that he was a monk. His literary heritage has been transmitted to us in Greek, Arabic, and Georgian, and not in Coptic or any other language. The Greek tradition, according to the research carried out by Jean Darrouzes, attributes three works …

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Saints Cosmas And Damian

SAINTS COSMAS AND DAMIAN Two doctors and brothers who suffered martyrdom at the time of the Diocletian persecutions (feast day: 22 Hatur). They were called anargyroi (silverless) because they did not ask money from the sick whom they cured. The Byzantine church, however, gradually came to distinguish three pairs of brothers named Cosmas and Damian, …

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Sentences Of Sextus (NHC XII, 1)

SENTENCES OF SEXTUS (NHC XII, 1) Fragments of a Coptic translation of a Christian collection of moral precepts composed in Greek in second-century Alexandria. Latin, Syriac, Georgian, and Armenian versions are also known. GAWDAT GABRA Tags: Books

Apophthegmata Patrum

APOPHTHEGMATA PATRUM The collection of memorable words and anecdotes of the desert fathers. In the sixth century in Palestine, the monk Zosimus was already mentioning “the apophthegms of the holy old men” (Zosimus, 1864, col. 1679), but that does not seem to be the oldest or most common name. At the same period, also in …

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