CANON The word canon in Coptic tradition has more than one meaning. It means a type of hymn that should be recited by two choirs, such as the Canon of the Twelfth Hour and Good Friday. It means also the “canon-law” or codified law governing a church. Thus, there are the Apostolic canons and the …

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Council Of Chalcedon

COUNCIL OF CHALCEDON After the death of the Emperor Theodosius II in 450, his sister Pulcheria married Marcian, who accordingly became emperor. The new imperial officials convoked a council at Chalcedon in order to see to the matters of the Eutychians and the Nestorians. As a result of this council, the Coptic patriarch Dioscorus was …

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Council Of Gangra (Ca. 340)

COUNCIL OF GANGRA (ca. 340) The Council of Gangra was a local synod and, accordingly, the Coptic Church did not take part in its discussion. This council condemned extreme ascetical practices such as the condemnation of marriage, deprivation of eating meat, and so on. Although medieval sources attest that the decisions resulting from this council …

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