Youth Movements

YOUTH MOVEMENTS Coptic youth movements started to appear at the end of the nineteenth century under Pope CYRIL V (1874-1927). The 112th patriarch of the Coptic church stressed the importance of religious education and moral teachings, among the young especially. Archdeacon HABIB JIRJIS played a significant role in encouraging such trends. In 1900, with the …

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Coptic Press

COPTIC PRESS Major Organs Copts began publishing religious, intellectual, and political periodicals in the second half of the nineteenth century. Some journals and newspapers were written to appeal to Muslims as well as Christians, while others focused more narrowly on communal and church affairs. The heyday of such publications was the seventy-five years between the …

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Friends Of The Bible

FRIENDS OF THE BIBLE The Coptic association founded in 1908 by Basili Butrus who was its first president until his death in 1921. The main aims of the society were to inspire service in the Coptic Orthodox Church and active membership in it and to urge members to pray and study the Holy Scripture. The …

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