Theban Legion

THEBAN LEGION According to Saint Eucherius, legion consisting of 6,600 Christian soldiers who had been recruited in Thebes (the Thebaid) in Upper Egypt as part of the Roman army. Three detailed manuscripts tell of the martyrdom of the Theban Legion, mainly at Agaunum (Saint Maurice-en-Valais), during the reign of Emperor DIOCLETIAN (284-305) and his co-emperor …

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Regula, Saint

REGULA, SAINT A third-century missionary who, along with her brother, Saint FELIX, was a member of the THEBAN LEGION and was martyred near the fortress of Turicum (Zurich) (feast day: 1 Tut). The massacre was at the hands of DECIUS, Roman governor of the region under Emperor Maximian. According to legend, during her martyrdom, Regula …

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Felix, Saint

FELIX, SAINT A third-century missionary who was one of the saints martyred near the Roman fortress of Turicum (Zurich) (feast day: 1 Tut). The earliest descriptions of his death are found in the eighth-century Codex 225 in the Convent of Saint Gall (pp. 473-78), the mid-ninth-century Codex C.10.i in the Central Library of Zurich (fols. …

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