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Ahavat Olam

Ahavat Olam n. Hebrew (ah-hah-VAHT oh-LAHM) Literally, “Eternal Love.” 1. The initial words of the prayer that precedes the Shema in the evening service. It expresses God’s eternal love for the people of Israel. 2. ahavat olam Generally expressed as “love of the world.” A term to describe the motivation behind giving tzedakah or doing …

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ANATHEMA The transliteration of a Gr. word which is used in the LXX to represent the Heb. ḥērem, ‘a person or thing devoted or set apart, under religious sanctions, for destruction’ (Lv 27:28, 29, Jos 6:17). It is capable of use in the good sense of an offering to God, but was gradually confined to …

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AGE The general significance of ‘age’ is a period of time, or a measure of life. Specially, it expresses the idea of advancement in life, or of oldness. Several Greek words are employed in NT for ‘age.’ (1) αἰών (see Æon). (2) γενεά, ‘a generation,’ loosely measured as extending from 30 to 33 years. In …

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ÆON (αἰών, αἰῶνες, ‘age,’ ‘ages’)

ÆON (αἰών, αἰῶνες, ‘age,’ ‘ages’) There is some uncertainty as to the derivation of the word αἰών. Some relate it with ἄημι, ‘to breathe,’ but modern opinion connects it with ἀεί, αἰεί (= αἰών), and finds as other derivatives the Latin œvum and the English ‘aye.’ In the LXX αἰών is used to translate עוֹלָם …

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ABRAHAM (Ἀβραάμ)

ABRAHAM (Ἀβραάμ) Addressing a Jewish crowd in the precincts of the Temple, St. Peter emphasizes the connexion between the Hebrew and the Christian religion by proclaiming that ‘the God of Abraham … hath glorified his servant (παῖδα; cf. RVm) Jesus’ (Ac 3:13). This Divine title, which is similarly used in St. Stephen’s speech (7:32), was …

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ABOUNDING The English word ‘abound’ in the Epistles of the NT is the translation of the Gr. words πλεονάζω and περισσεύω. There is nothing of special interest in these terms; perhaps the former has the less lofty sense, its primary connotation being that of superfluity. As used by St. Paul, however, there seems little to …


The password for growth and continuity in the spiritual life (31)

The password for growth and continuity in the spiritual life By: Servants at Godlovehostel for Expatriate Students Translated by: Beshoy Shokry. Edition: 1st-2016. Deposit No: 7455/2016. I.S.B.N: 978-977-903-859-9.   I went to my father, to hear what he’s going to talk to me about this time. Because he promised me, he’d tell me the password …

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