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Ethiopic Synaxarion

Patriarch Gabriel III

PATRIARCH GABRIEL III The life of the monk and priest Ghubriyāl, who eventually became Coptic patriarch Gabriel III (usually counted as the 77th patriarch, 1268–1271), bears witness to both the flourishing of literary and scientific activity as well as to the turbulence of ecclesiastical and social affairs that characterize Coptic Orthodox history in the middle decades …

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Saint John Colobos

SAINT JOHN COLOBOS Coptic Tradition John Colobos, the Little or the Dwarf (fourth and fifth centuries), is one of the most striking figures among the desert fathers. He is known principally from the APOPHTHEGMATA PATRUM and from a Life in the form of a panegyric composed by Zacharias, the bishop of Sakha, at the end …

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Ethiopian Synaxarion

ETHIOPIAN SYNAXARION There are two reasons for an article on the Ethiopic Synaxarion to be in a Coptic encyclopedia: first, the Ethiopic Synaxarion contains historical notices about Egypt—for example, the patriarchs or the churches of Old Cairo, based on lost documents; and, second, the Egyptian edition of the Coptic SYNAXARION by the qummus ‘Abd al-Masih …

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Dayr Sitt Dimyanah

DAYR SITT DIMYANAH A monastery near Bilqas. History It is very probable that the Dayr Jimyanah (or Dimyanah) described by al-MAQRIZI (d. 1441) and the present Dayr Sitt Dimyanah (to the north of Bilqas) are one and the same place, as suggested by ‘ABD AL-MASIH SALIB AL-MAS‘UDI (1924, p.149). The orthography given by al-Maqrizi, Jimyanah, …

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