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Ethiopian Church

Discerning the True Religion in Late Fourteenth-Century Egypt

Discerning the True Religion in Late Fourteenth-Century Egypt: Pages from the Dayr al-Muharraq Edition of al-Hawi by al-Makin Jirjis ibn al-‘Amid Introduction In recent years, Dayr al-Muharraq has shared some of its riches with the wider world through the publication of transcriptions of manuscripts from the monastery’s library. As examples, I can point to the …

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Theology And Liturgy Bibliography

THEOLOGY AND LITURGY BIBLIOGRAPHY Abdallah, Alfonso. L’ordinamento Liturgico di Gabriele V-88 Patriarca Copto. Cairo: Ain Shams Press, 1962. ‘Abd al-Masih Salib al-Mas‘udi. Al-Khuulaji al-Muqaddas. Cairo: n.p., 1902. Alcock, Antony. The Life of Saint Samuel of Kalamun by Isaac the Presbyter. London: Aris & Philips, 1983. Allen, Pauline, and C. Datema. “Leontius presbyter of Constantinople.” Byzantina …

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COPT The term “Copt” and the adjective “Coptic” are derived from the Arabic qibt, which in turn is a corruption of the Greek term for the indigenous population of Egypt (Agyptos and Aigyptioi). Initially, after the Arab conquest of Egypt (639-641), the new rulers of the country used the word as a designation for the …

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Monthly Festal Days

MONTHLY FESTAL DAYS Traditionally, the Coptic Orthodox Church would celebrate two feast days for prominent martyrs, the timing of which would generally fall during the summer and winter. One feast day would commemorate the saint’s martyrdom, and the second would be the consecration of the saint’s church. This practice was later extended to incorporate a …

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Ethiopian Liturgy

ETHIOPIAN LITURGY The Ethiopian liturgies are translated from the Arabic, which in turn are translations of Coptic originals. There are in fact 14 liturgies used by the Ethiopian Church: the Anaphora of the Apostles; the Anaphora of the Lord; the Anaphora of John, Son of Thunder; the Anaphora of St. Mary; the Anaphora of the …

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