Amphilochius Of Iconium

AMPHILOCHIUS OF ICONIUM Some scholars have thought that Amphilochius of Iconium deserves to rank alongside BASIL THE GREAT of Caesarea, GREGORY OF NYSSA, and GREGORY OF NAZIANZUS as the fourth great Cappadocian of the end of the fourth century. Educated at the school of Libanius at Antioch, then an advocate in Constantinople, Amphilochius was invited …

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Gabriel V

GABRIEL V The eighty-eighth patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (1409-1427). Born probably in the province of GIZA, south of Cairo, Gabriel became a government functionary charged with collecting taxes. At an unknown age, he abandoned his official responsibilities in his province in order to become a monk. He entered the monastery of Anba …

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Arabic Manuscripts Of Coptic Provenance In National Library, Paris

ARABIC MANUSCRIPTS OF COPTIC PROVENANCE IN NATIONAL LIBRARY, PARIS The principal source for knowledge of the Coptic culture of the Middle Ages is the Arabic Christian manuscript tradition. It is, however, very difficult to distinguish which of these manuscripts originate from Coptic unless an examination is made on the basis of experience with Arabic paleography. …

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