eparchs of NOBATIA

Qasr Ibrim

QASR IBRIM A fortified hilltop settlement in Lower Nubia, about 25 miles (40 km) to the north of the famous temples of Abu Simbel. A temple seems to have been built there in the Egyptian New Kingdom, and the place was intermittently occupied from that time until its final abandonment in 1811. The name appears …

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Eparch Of Nobatia

EPARCH OF NOBATIA The Nubian kingdom of NOBATIA was subjugated by the larger kingdom of MAKOURIA in the seventh century. Nobatia thereafter lost its independence but not its name or separate identity. It was governed throughout the Middle Ages by a kind of viceroy, the eparch of Nobatia, who was appointed by the king of …

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DOTAWO A small, late medieval kingdom, probably the last surviving Christian polity in Nubia. The name in Nubian means “below Do,” a place usually identified with the Daww of medieval Arabic manuscripts and the JABAL ‘ADDA of modern times. It is not certain whether “below” is to be read literally (since Jabal ‘Adda was on …

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