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Barlam And Yuwasaf

BARLAM AND YUWASAF A collection of fables widely diffused in the Christian East; it is also known among Buddhists, Muslims, and Jews. In Arabic, these fables are found from the beginning of the ninth century. Other recensions or reworkings of the lost Arabic original are known. Two of these are in Georgian, and these gave …

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Fis, Saint

FIS, SAINT An extensive life of this saint and an account of several of his miracles can be found in two manuscripts of Coptic origin. The Life of Abu Fis (National Library, Paris, Arabe 4775, fols. 179v-96v, ninth century) was copied by the Muslim Muhammad ‘Izzat, as commissioned by E. Amélineau. Since this text is …

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Agathon Of Homs

AGATHON OF HOMS (AGATHON OF HOMS) A twelfth-century author and a bishop of Homs (Homs), and mentioned by the encyclopedist Abu al-Barakat IBN KABAR (d. 1324) in Chapter 7 of the Misbah al-Zulmah (Misbah al-Zulmah) (“Lamp of Darkness”). He classes him among the Coptic medieval authors after SAWIRUS IBN AL-MUQAFFA‘, Michael of Damietta, and Butrus …

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Abu Shakir Ibn Al-Rahib

ABU SHAKIR IBN AL-RAHIB Abu al-Karam Butrus ibn al-Muhadhdhab was the son of al-Shaykh al-Mu’taman al-Saniy Anba Butrus al-Rahib, one of the leading Coptic personalities and eminent scribes of Egypt, who lived in the thirteenth century. After being widowed, he retired from public service, and on becoming a monk—which explains the use in his name …

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