Emperor Theodosius II

Council Of Chalcedon

COUNCIL OF CHALCEDON After the death of the Emperor Theodosius II in 450, his sister Pulcheria married Marcian, who accordingly became emperor. The new imperial officials convoked a council at Chalcedon in order to see to the matters of the Eutychians and the Nestorians. As a result of this council, the Coptic patriarch Dioscorus was …

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Palladius (363-431)

PALLADIUS (363-431) A Monk, historian of early monasticism. He was born in Galatia and spent several years as a monk in Egypt. He stayed three years at Alexandria and then moved to Nitria. In 390, he went to Kellia, where he became a pupil of Evagrius Ponticus. It is not clear whether he was Origenist …

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