Emperor Maximinus

Heraclas, Saint

HERACLAS, SAINT The thirteenth patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (231-247) (feast day: 8 Kiyahk). He studied theology at the CATECHETICAL SCHOOL OF ALEXANDRIA under ORIGEN, who selected him as his assistant to teach beginning students (Eusebius Historia ecclesiastica 6. 15). When Origen had difficulties with the authorities, Heraclas succeeded him as head of …

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Martyrs, Coptic

MARTYRS, COPTIC The souls recognized in Egypt who suffered persecution and died for their faith. The majority of martyrs belong to the period of Roman persecutions from the time of Nero in the mid-first century to the time of Diocletian in the early fourth century. It is, of course, impossible to assemble the names of …

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Origen General History Origen (185-255) was one of the greatest Christians who ever lived, and certainly among the greatest of Egyptian Christians. Only ATHANASIUS can rival him in stature among the sons of Christian Egypt. He was born of Christian parents at Alexandria and probably died at Tyre. In 202 his father, Leonidas, was martyred …

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