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aggadah n. Hebrew (ah-gah-DAH); pl. aggadot (ah-gah-DOTE) Literally, “narrative.” Aggadot are Jewish stories that are presented in the Talmud along with halakhah, the body of Jewish law. Unlike halakhah, these legends, historical stories, jokes, ethical tales, and sermons are not legally binding; their purpose is to explain and elaborate on Jewish laws and customs. noun …

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ANGELS The scope of this article.—The passages in the apostolic writings in which angels are mentioned or referred to will be examined; some of them are ambiguous and have been interpreted in various ways. The doctrine of the OT and of the apocryphal period on the subject has been so fully dealt with in HDB …

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ANATHEMA The transliteration of a Gr. word which is used in the LXX to represent the Heb. ḥērem, ‘a person or thing devoted or set apart, under religious sanctions, for destruction’ (Lv 27:28, 29, Jos 6:17). It is capable of use in the good sense of an offering to God, but was gradually confined to …

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ALTAR In the NT, as in the LXX, the usual term for ‘altar’ is θυσιαστήριον—a word otherwise confined to Philo, Josephus, and ecclesiastical writers—while βωμός, as contrasted with a Jewish place of sacrifice, is a heathen altar. The most striking example of the antithesis is found in 1 Mac 1:54–59. Antiochus Epiphanes erected a small …

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The Perfection, Or Sufficiency, Of Holy Scripture

The Perfection, Or Sufficiency, Of Holy Scripture Modern theology denies also the perfection, or sufficiency, of Holy Scripture. Zoeckler, for example, asserts concerning the “use of the Bible as normative or judicial authority in doctrinal controversies” that “the possibility must be admitted that the appeal to Scripture very often results in a partial and incomplete …

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