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Egyptian monks

Sentences Of Sextus

SENTENCES OF SEXTUS About one-quarter of a Coptic version of the Sentences of Sextus, a collection of almost 500 wisdom sayings drawn largely from pagan sources and thinly Christianized by a second-century editor, appears in the scattered folios of Codex XII of the NAG HAMMADI LIBRARY (NHC XII, 1.15-16 and 27-34; Sextus 158-80 and 307-397). …

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Jesus Prayer

JESUS PRAYER The Jesus Prayer is a supplication of penance, known today by its modern prayer formula “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.” Both the practice and the wording of the Jesus Prayer are deeply rooted in biblical spirituality. The Jesus Prayer is recited repeatedly in penitential contemplation, following …

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THEOTOKOS A greek term meaning “God-bearer.” This title of the Virgin Mary was used by Greek and especially Alexandrian church fathers and writers from ORIGEN on and perhaps even by Hippolytus of Rome. In any case, CLEMENT OF ALEXANDRIA (c. 110-c. 220) used the expression Marias tes metros tou kyriou (Mary the Mother of the …

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Liturgical Vestments

LITURGICAL VESTMENTS The concept of devoting special apparel for use at worship services has its origin in the Old Testament where God commanded Moses to prepare sacred garments that would impart dignity and grandeur to his brother, Aaron, and his sons (Ex. 6:3; Nm. 3:2). Vestments for the high priest included a breast piece, an …

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Athanasius I

ATHANASIUS I The Apostolic Saint, twentieth patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (326-373). Athanasius’ life has been treated in detail by numerous authors. These sources can be categorized as follows: (1) the writings of Athanasius himself, which should be considered the most authentic of the sources. These include his historical tracts, encyclicals, an apology …

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ANTHROPOMORPHISM The belief that God possesses a bodily form like that of human beings. The belief derives from a literal reading of the many Old Testament references to the eyes, face, and hands of God. This belief seems to have been widely held by the monks of Egypt in the late fourth and early fifth …

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APHU A monk and bishop of Oxyrhynchus during the second half of the fourth century and the beginning of the fifth. He is best known through Coptic sources and, later, from Arabic sources as well. A complete account of his life is handed down in a manuscript from Turin (Cat. 63000, ed. Rossi, 1887-1892). He …

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Dayr Anba Antuniyus

DAYR ANBA ANTUNIYUS دير أنبا أنطونيوس History The Monastery of Saint Antony is situated 30 miles (45 km) southwest of the Red Sea lighthouse of Ras Za’faranah (100 miles, or 290 km, from Cairo via Suez) at the foot of the south end of the Jalalah mountain range. After the death of Saint ANTONY, a …

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