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Jean Cledat

JEAN CLEDAT (Périgueux, France, 7 May 1872-Bouch [Dordogne], France, 29 July 1943), French Egyptologist and Coptologist. He acquired a solid grounding in Paris (including the Ecole des Beaux Arts) and, in 1898 and 1899, published his first studies in Egyptology and Coptology that dealt with both the texts and the archaeology. Clédat arrived in Egypt …

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Drioton, (Chanoine) Etienne Marie Felix (1889-1961)

DRIOTON, (CHANOINE) ETIENNE MARIE FELIX (1889-1961) A French Egyptologist. He studied Egyptian and Coptic in the Ecole libre des Langues orientales at the Catholic Institute of Paris. Ultimately, he taught Egyptian philology and Coptic at the same institute. He produced a Cours de grammaire égyptienne (Paris, 1919). Drioton worked with Charles Boreux at the Louvre …

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