Eastern Orthodox churches


CONCOMITANCE The doctrine held in the Roman Catholic church that the Body and Blood of Christ are together and simultaneously administered in communion even when a communicant receives one of the elements only. This doctrine is meant to justify the act of withdrawing the chalice from the laity ever since the twelfth century, and giving …

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Oriental Orthodox Churches

ORIENTAL ORTHODOX CHURCHES The appellation was chosen for the 1965 Addis Ababa conference of the non-Chalcedonian churches, in order to distinguish them from the Eastern Orthodox churches, which are Chalcedonian. The participating churches were the Coptic, the Ethiopian, the Syrian, the Armenian, and the Indian, the five churches that rejected the decisions of the Council …

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ABSOLUTION The pronouncement of remission to the penitent, granting him release from the guilt of sin if he is truly contrite over his trespass, confesses to a priest, and promises not to revert to his former ways. The priest gives this absolution, not in his own name, but in the name of God, in accordance …

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