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Eastern churches


PATRIARCH The head of the Coptic church. The word is a composite term originating from Latin and Greek words: pater (father) or patria (lineage, race, people, nation) and archos (leader or chief). In the Coptic church, the term signifies the head of the entire church organization with archbishops, bishops, and priests under his ecclesiastical authority. …

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Paschal Controversy

PASCHAL CONTROVERSY Any controversy arising from differences in the way of establishing the date of Easter. By the second century, the practice of celebrating the major day of the Christian Pascha on the Sunday after the fourteenth day of the Jewish lunar month of Nisan, the date of the Jewish Passover, became the established practice …

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Michael The Archangel, Saint

MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL, SAINT In Coptic Christian tradition, Saint Michael the Archangel holds an important place, comparable to that of the Virgin Mary. Of the Eastern churches, only the Copts and the Ethiopians have developed devotion to the archangel to the same degree. Among the archangels, Michael is explicitly named in the Old Testament (Dn. …

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Coptic Missionaries In India

COPTIC MISSIONARIES IN INDIA The story of the first Christian missionaries in the southern part of the Indian subcontinent is associated with the apostle Thomas. According to the apocryphal Acts of Thomas (Judas-Thomas in the Syriac version), written by Bardesanes, a famous author in Edessa, Syria, in the late second or early third century, Gondophernes, …

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Nicaea, Council Of

NICAEA, COUNCIL OF (325) During the third century, the Christian churches had evolved organizational structures parallel in many respects to those of the Roman empire. Episcopal authority over congregations paralleled in some ways imperial authority; episcopal courts adjudicated for Christians the same matters as civil courts did; city councils and provincial governments provided models for …

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EUCHARIST One of seven sacraments in the Coptic church. Although all sacraments contain and impart grace, the Eucharist carries the most sublime grace of all. In BAPTISM, for example, water remains water, as does the holy chrism in confirmation, the visible element of the sacrament thus undergoing no change. In the Eucharist, however, the bread …

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Coptic See Of Jerusalem

COPTIC SEE OF JERUSALEM From the beginning of the Christian era, Egypt and Egyptians have had a privileged status in Jerusalem. In the Acts of the Apostles, it is mentioned that Egyptians were among those who witnessed the descent of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost. It is also mentioned (Acts 6:9) that Alexandrians, with others, …

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Patrologia Orientalis

PATROLOGIA ORIENTALIS Beginning in 1886, Rene Graffin (1858-1941), professor at the Institut catholique in Paris, conceived the idea of adjoining to the Patrologia Latina and the Patrologia Graeca of J. P. Migne a collection comprising the texts of the Eastern church fathers, which were to be printed in their original languages with a translation on …

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