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Eastern churches

Liturgy Of The Epiphany

LITURGY OF THE EPIPHANY The Epiphany, in the Coptic Church as in the Eastern churches, commemorates the Baptism of Christ. It seems that it was introduced into the Church calendar by the fourth century. The canons of Athanasius and the festal letters mention it for the first time. By the end of the fourth century …

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Christianity In Nubia

CHRISTIANITY IN NUBIA The Nubian Church is unique among the Middle Eastern churches in that it started and prospered in an atmosphere of complete political independence. Some scholars believe that Queen Candace of the Ethiopians, who is mentioned in the Acts of the Apostles 8:27-39, was the Queen of Meroe (ca. 37). However, it was …

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Apostles Creed

APOSTLES’ CREED A brief statement of faith, used only in the Western church, based upon belief in the Holy Trinity as expressed in the New Testament. There is no definite evidence to support the claim of RUFINUS, who wrote a commentary on it (Kelly, 1972, p. 1), that every apostle contributed a section to it, …

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Rufinus (C. 345-410)

RUFINUS (c. 345-410) Rufinus Tyrannius was born at Concordia in North Italy about 345 and in 371 was baptized at Aquileia, where he lived until he began his travels in the Middle East. He lived in Egypt for six years before going to Jerusalem for two years, after which he returned to Egypt for two …

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Liturgical Vestments

LITURGICAL VESTMENTS The concept of devoting special apparel for use at worship services has its origin in the Old Testament where God commanded Moses to prepare sacred garments that would impart dignity and grandeur to his brother, Aaron, and his sons (Ex. 6:3; Nm. 3:2). Vestments for the high priest included a breast piece, an …

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ASSUMPTION The taking up of Mary into heaven. The calendar of feasts of the Coptic Church celebrates the death of the Virgin Mother of God and the ascension of her soul into heaven on 21 Tubah. The metamorphosis or conveyance of her body into heaven is placed on 16 Misra. There is thus a 206-day …

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ALTAR A place, structure, or table on which sacrifices are offered to a divinity. The word comes from the Latin altare related to the verb adolere, to “burn up.” Pagan Altars Since prehistoric times, offerings to subterranean gods were made in pits, and offerings to heavenly gods were presented on altars raised above the ground. …

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