dux Armenius

Saint Ari Or Uri

SAINT ARI or Uri A priest of Shatanuf who was martyred under Diocletian (feastday: 9 Misrah). The text of his Passion has survived in only one Bohairic codex (Vatican Library, 61f., 69-89, ed. Hyvernat, 1886-1887). It begins with mention of the edict of Diocletian, brought by a dispatch bearer to the dux Armenius in Alexandria …

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Saint Anub

SAINT ANUB A martyr under Diocletion (feast day: 24 Abib). His Passion has come down in only one Bohairic manuscript (Rome, Vatican Library, Copto 66, fols. 233-68; Balestri and Hyvernat, 1908, Vol. I, pp. 200-241). The text opens with the usual situation, in which Diocletian sends out an edict to the whole empire ordering sacrifices …

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Agathon And His Brothers

AGATHON AND HIS BROTHERS Saints and fourth-century martyrs (feast day: 7 Tut). They are Agathon or Agathun, Peter, John, Amun, Ammunah, and their mother, Rifqah or Rebecca. The editors of the Copto-Arabic SYNAXARION, R. Basset (1907-1929) and I. Forget (1905-1926), tell us that they were from the district of Mamunyah in the province of Qus …

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