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CERINTHUS So little is known of Cerinthus that there is nothing to place him in Egypt other than a reference to him in the Epistula apostolorum (Letter of the Apostles, which some believe originated in Egypt) and a statement by Hippolytus that Cerinthus was educated in the wisdom of the Egyptians. The Epistula apostolorum speaks …

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DOCETISM Docetism is derived from a Greek word that means “it seems.” In this context, it refers to the belief that Christ did not have the same flesh as we do, but only seemed to. Docetism, like Gnosticism, is of non-Christian origin, but it invaded Christianity. Tertullian, in his work entitled On the Flesh of …

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Julian (D. After 518)

JULIAN (d. after 518) A bishop of Halicarnassus who was a leader of MONOPHYSITISM. Because he was opposed to the orthodox view of the nature of Christ declared at the Council of CHALCEDON, Julian was deposed from his see in Halicarnassus (modern Bodrum, Turkey) and fled to Alexandria, a center of monophysitism. There he became …

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DOCETISM The term “docetism” comes from the Greek word dokeo (I seem, I appear), and was first used by Serapion, bishop of Antioch (190-208), to refer to certain heretics of the early church. In its earliest expression, docetism apparently grew out of the difficulties of explaining how the Son of God could be subject to …

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