Nag Hammadi Codices

NAG HAMMADI CODICES A group of 12 papyrus codices plus eight leaves dating from the fourth century and inscribed in Coptic. The manuscripts were discovered in a buried storage jar by fellahin (farmers) in 1945 some 10 kilometers from Nag Hammadi, and are now housed in the Coptic Museum in Old Cairo. Publication of the …

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ASCLEPIUS 21-29 The Coptic version of Asclepius 21-29 is the eighth tractate from Codex VI of the NAG HAMMADI LIBRARY, and occurs immediately after a scribal note (VI, 65.8-14) concerning the selection and copying of Hermetic discourses. Although it is untitled in the Coptic manuscript, Asclepius 21-29 is assigned its present title because it is …

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Nag Hammadi Library

NAG HAMMADI LIBRARY The thirteen ancient papyrus codices translated from Greek into Coptic, accidentally discovered in December 1945 by farmers in Upper Egypt. They contain forty-five Gnostic works, which are our chief source of first-hand knowledge of GNOSTICISM. Although the details of the discovery have remained unverified, despite archaeological investigation, there is little reason to …

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