Church Hierarchy

CHURCH HIERARCHY The hierarchy is the collective body of the ecclesiastical ranks including bishops (patriarchs, metropolitans, and bishops), priests (presbyter and hegumen), and deacons (archdeacons and deacons). The rite of ordination of each rank prescribes the role of each member. The ecumenical councils issued several decrees in order to organize their work. In the fifth …

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Louvre Museum

LOUVRE MUSEUM The oldest evidence of Coptic objects entered at the Louvre Museum appears in the inventory of the Department of Egyptian Antiquities, drawn up under Napoleon III and finished in 1857. Nevertheless, it is difficult to prepare an assessment of them, given that the inventory of the collections was not so precise as at …

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Coptic Textiles

COPTIC TEXTILES [Throughout their long history, Egyptians have practiced the art of weaving. The Coptic period has yielded enormous numbers of textiles displayed in many museums and private collections all over the world. These textiles have come mainly from archaeological excavations of burial grounds and akwam (mounds containing antique objects). The pieces attest a variety …

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