ANGELS The scope of this article.—The passages in the apostolic writings in which angels are mentioned or referred to will be examined; some of them are ambiguous and have been interpreted in various ways. The doctrine of the OT and of the apocryphal period on the subject has been so fully dealt with in HDB …

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ASSUMPTION The taking up of Mary into heaven. The calendar of feasts of the Coptic Church celebrates the death of the Virgin Mother of God and the ascension of her soul into heaven on 21 Tubah. The metamorphosis or conveyance of her body into heaven is placed on 16 Misra. There is thus a 206-day …

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EUCHARIST One of seven sacraments in the Coptic church. Although all sacraments contain and impart grace, the Eucharist carries the most sublime grace of all. In BAPTISM, for example, water remains water, as does the holy chrism in confirmation, the visible element of the sacrament thus undergoing no change. In the Eucharist, however, the bread …

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