Yacobos II

YACOBOS II The archbishop of Jerusalem (1946-1956). He was born in the village of al-Muti‘ah in 1908. In 1939 he resigned from the civil service and entered the CLERICAL COLLEGE in Cairo, from which he graduated in 1942. He joined the Monastery of Saint Antony (DAYR ANBA ANTUNIYUS), where he took the name Salib al-Antuni. …

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Timotheos I

TIMOTHEOS I The Coptic archbishop of Jerusalem (1899-1925). He was born in Zaqaziq in 1865 with the name Michael. He studied Arabic and French at the school of the Frères de la Salle. He was ordained a monk in the Monastery of Saint Antony (DAYR ANBA ANTUNIYUS) in 1885. When Basilios II, archbishop of Jerusalem, …

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Johann Michael Vansleb (Wansleben) (D. 1679)

JOHANN MICHAEL VANSLEB (WANSLEBEN) (d. 1679) A German Orientalist. After intensive studies in Oriental languages, especially Ethiopic and Arabic, he went to Egypt for the first time in 1664-1665 with the intention of going on to Ethiopia, but the patriarch MATTHEW IV dissuaded him. He then went to Rome, converted to Catholicism, and joined the Dominican order. …

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